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Lusty Low Loaders can design your trailer to meet your specifications. We can incorporate a range of options as listed here. Our experienced designers can accommodate an even greater range of options if required. Please contact us to discuss your particular requirements.

15"9.5R x 17.56.75 x 17.5
19.5"265/70R x 19.57.5 x 19.5
20"255/70R x 22.58.25 x 22.5
1. Alloy, Chrome and polished rims are available (POA)

Axle Settings

  • Closed Group
  • Open Group
  • Extending/retracting
Axle Options
  • Rear Steer (not available on full wideners)
  • Lift Axle(s)
  • Spring (not available on full wideners)
  • Air Bag (not available on full wideners)
  • Hydraulic
Deck Options
  • Standard (includes outriggers)
  • Deck widening (2.5m to 3.5m or wider for special applications)
  • Full widening (2.5m to 3.7m or wider for special applications)
  • Drop bed
  • Front deck
  • Split Deck
  • Standard double acting - hydraulically lowered and raised (2800 (long) x 800 (wide)mm)
  • Standard double folding (2800 x 800mm and 1500 x 800mm)
  • Hydraulic ramps to front deck

Other sizes can be manufactured to your specific needs. For example 1200 x 1000mm

Support legs
  • Standard drop down legs
  • Wind up legs
  • Hydraulic legs
  • Single
  • Double
  • Swing wing
  • Folding
Skid plate
  • Oscillating
  • Fixed
  • Double oscillating
  • Standard – one in gooseneck and two in front of deck
  • Others available such as side mounted
Water tank
  • Standard 60L

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