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Low Loaders

Lusty Low Loaders can manufacture specialised heavy haulage equipment to meet your specific requirements. A number of trailer types are provided below to give you an indication of our capabilities.

Our tri-axle low loader designs can feature hydraulic widening and wide decks (up to 4.2m). More>

Quad-axle low loaders can be designed in a variety of ways to meet specific haulage or transportation requirements. More>

Rows of 8
For extra wide and heavy loads, rows of 8 low loaders can be built to have a carrying capacity of up to 100 tonnes. They are the largest of our low loader designs. More>

Tandem axle
Tandem axle designs are best suited for clients with payload requirements up to 26 tonnes and are popular with clients transporting small to medium plant and equipment. More>

Custom-built dolly designs can be manufactured to meet very particular requirements. We manufacture both low loader dollys and road train dollys. More>

Dog/tag trailers
Our dog/tag trailers can be designed as tri-axle tag trailers or four axle dog trailers. More>

Extendable trailers
Lusty Low Loaders can manufacture extendable and tilting trailers and drop deck trailers to meet particular needs. More>

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